I love plants, they bring so much life to the dullest of spaces! So, when we stepped foot in this gorgeous space of so many happy and healthy plants and flowers we could really appreciate the hard work and effort put into by the people who care for this place!

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a must see place for those who have an interest in plants, flowers or just soaking up the tranquility of such a peaceful area! This place got the name Sleeping Giant as one of the mountains behind the garden literally looks like a person sleeping on their back. You do have to be quite physically fit as there is a bit of walking to do and if it's a humid day like it was this day, you will get exhausted and breathless. The staff do treat you to ice cold juice once you return from your garden walk which was really refreshing and much needed! The garden has lots of quirky points of interest too like dolls hugging trees, a swing set and a hammock.

Admission is $18 Fijian for adults (roughly $11 Australian) and the gardens are open Monday - Saturday from 9 - 5pm and Sunday mornings. Although some parts are wheelchair accessible, a large majority of the gardens do have steps that go up and down hills.