The main reason we decided to come to Vietnam in the wet season is because we wanted to chase waterfalls, and we were not disappointed, we were blessed with many waterfalls pumping so much water and showcasing a really beautiful part of nature!

We started the day checking out Me Linh, a coffee plantation that specialises in weasel coffee. The weasels eat the coffee bean and the special acid and enzyme chemicals in their stomach absorb in the beans and when it passes through in their faeces, makes the bean less caffeinated providing a deeper and lightly bitter taste. I don't drink coffee so I couldn't tell you what's it like, but it's worth a visit if you're a coffee enthusiast!

Address: Hoi truong thon 4, To 20, Lam Dong, Vietnam

Open Hours: Daily from 7am - 6:30pm

Price: Entry is free

Our first waterfall was the Elephant Waterfall. Entrance is at the top of the waterfall where you can look down to the bottom but if you're up for the challenge, it is well worth the effort to head down. The walk down is no easy task, the steps are made of rock and are very uneven, steep and some parts slippery. There is a hand rail most of the way down which helps but I would definitely recommend you only go down if you are confident. The walk is roughly 300 metres one way, but so worth it for the view at the bottom! This place was fairly quiet and didn't have too many tourists which made walking and photo opportunities good. Shoes are definitely a must and in my opinion, the walk is not suitable for children.

Address: Gia Lam, Lam Ha District, Lam Dong, Vietnam

Open Hours: Daily 8am - 5pm

Price: Adult entry is 20,000 dong ($1.25 AUD)

Next up was Pongour Waterfall, another massive waterfall which requires quite a bit of walking to get to. To reach the bottom, the steps are much more manageable than Elephant Waterfall but still requires a level of fitness. There was hardly anybody at these waterfalls so we had plenty of time to ourselves to take some undisturbed photos of this really beautiful place. Not wanting to face the task of walking back up to the carpark, we decided to get a lift back to the top. A motorbike ride will cost you 20,000 dong each or a truck 15,000 dong each however, they will only take you if there is a minimum of four people wanting to ride. I would say this place is more suitable for children than Elephant Waterfall.

Address: Duc Trong District, Lam Dong, Vietnam

Open Hours: Daily from 7am - 5pm

Price: Adult entry 20,000 dong ($1.25 AUD)

On the way to the next waterfall we made a quick stop to the Bee Garden. If you have a bee allergy or a fear of bees I suggest you don't visit this place. These bees are free to do as they wish and there are plenty of them flying around the place. The owner of Bee Garden, Thai, was lovely enough to guide us around and show us the bee hives and how they make the honeycomb, you are given a net piece to put over your head to cover your face and neck but that's about it. I found these bees to be quite peaceful though and although they fly quite close to you, none landed on us.

We were able to sample some of the products including the honey, which tastes incredible, the bees feed off the coffee plants so it has a slight coffee taste in the honey, I have to say that is was the best honey I have ever tasted! We were offered bee larvae but we couldn't bring ourselves to eat it, the royal jelly was another miss for us and the pollen has a very strange taste to it and as expected had a powdery texture. This place is beautiful and has definitely sparked my interest in bees!

Address: 444 Thong Nhat Thi tran Lien Nghia, Huyen Duc Trong, Tinh Lam Dong

Open Hours: Daily from 6am - 8pm

Price: Entry is free

Prenn Waterfall was up next and at this point of the day it started to rain so I wasn't able to take too many photos. This place is more of a tourist attraction as it has elephant rides, ostrich rides, gardens, temples, markets and an orchid and exotic animal zoo. There is a cable car which takes you over the waterfall but I wouldn't recommend it. We bought a return ticket for 30,000 dong per person and when we were ready to head back up there was no cable car to take us and after waiting 20 minutes we had no other choice but to walk the hill up to the top and we asked for our money back which they did without any hassle.

I would say this was my least favourite waterfall to visit as the waterfall wasn't very impressive in my opinion and I wasn't a fan of the idea of the zoo and animal rides, which we didn't take part in, we found the conditions to be unsuitable for the animals and didn't want to fund such activities. If you do wish to do these rides and visit the orchid and exotic animal zoo, you have to pay an additional fee on top of the park entrance fee and since we didn't participate in either of those i'm not sure how much those entry fees are.

Address: 20 Duong cao toc Lien Khuong - Prenn, Phuong 3, Thanh pho Da Lat, Lam Dong, Vietnam

Open Hours: Daily from 9am - 5pm

Price: Adult entry is 40,000 dong ($2.50 AUD)

Lastly, Datanla Waterfall. This waterfall is again another big tourist attraction as there are activities including a zip line, high rope obstacle course, abseiling and coaster rides. There may have been other activities but we were mainly there for the waterfall so didn't check out what else was on offer. You can catch a coaster ride to the waterfall but we decided to walk. The walk, as with everywhere else in Dalat, was very long and requires a level of fitness.

When we reached the waterfall it was pretty but in my opinion not very impressive compared to Elephant Waterfall and Pongour Waterfall. Not wanting to take the hike back to the top we purchased a one way ticket for the coaster ride for 60,000 dong each. The ride was quite slow and the incline very steep but we found it worthwhile than walking.

Address: QL20 Deo Prenn, Phuong 3, Thanh pho Da Lat, Lam Dong 66000, Vietnam

Open Hours: Daily from 7am - 5pm

Price: Adult entry is 30,000 dong ($1.90 AUD)