With more people opting on accommodation closer to nature, it's no surprise that glamping, short for glamorous camping, has become so popular. With all the benefits of creature comforts for most places, escaping to nature has never been easier! Here at The Cove Jervis Bay, it's the perfect place for that natural experience!

What was suppose to be a 2 week adventure in the Northern Territory, which had to be postponed due to travel restrictions regarding COVID-19, I instead made plans for a last minute adventure to the stunning coastal town of Jervis Bay! With it's white sand beaches, amazing blue water, abundance of wildlife and less than a 3 hour drive from Sydney and Canberra, it's easy to see why Jervis Bay is a popular seaside escape!

I had never been to Jervis Bay before and for someone like me who loves getting in touch with nature I was very excited for this experience! After researching some places to stay I came across The Cove Jervis Bay and instantly fell in love with the glamping tents, coastal vibes, abundance of wild kangaroos and social atmosphere it could provide.

Tucked away in dense bushland and on the edge of a secluded coastline, The Cove is still quite easy to find via a map however, the drive there is a whole other story! Once you turn onto the dirt road that leads you straight to The Cove, although the speed limit says 40km/h, you will more likely be sticking to 20-30km/h, the dirt road is completely covered in potholes for most of the 13km.

Due to the road being narrow and it's conditions, strictly no caravans or coaches are allowed on this road, but any other car, including small hatchbacks will be just fine. Just be sure to go steady and slow because even if you think you've missed a pothole there will be another one there to surprise you. This is a very beautiful and scenic drive so be sure to take your time, you may even spot an echidna like I did!

There are cabins on site at The Cove but the glamping side of things works a little differently so I will highlight them below.

Glamping tents:

There are 8 glamping tents on site, so if you want to book a stay, it's well worth looking at your dates in advance so you don't miss out. I found the tents to be quite spacious yet very cosy, every tent has their own outdoor table and chairs, as well as a couple of chairs inside the tent, a huge bed, a day bed that could be used for relaxation and a bench seat. The tents have no power inside of them so you are provided with a lamp which can be charged inside the communal kitchen and hot water bottles to keep you warm at night. These tents zip up like any other tent however there is no way to secure them. If you are paranoid about theft and personal safety you could perhaps use a zip tie or lock on the zippers otherwise if I went out for the day I just took all my belongings in the car with me. There is only one car space per tent so keep this in mind if travelling with a group.


The Cove is completely self catered, which means you need to provide ALL the food and drinks for your stay. The closest town is about a 30 minute drive away and remember, every time you leave The Cove you need to drive 13km of dirt road covered in potholes, so it's well worth stocking up before you check in. Glampers share a communal kitchen which has all the basics like fridges and freezers, electric stove tops, microwaves, kettles, toasters, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, BBQS, pretty much everything you need to prepare and cook a meal. Keep in mind you will be sharing this space with other guests so it might be worth labelling your food and everything you use just be sure to to the right thing and clean up after yourself. There is plenty of outdoor seating provided or hang around the fire pit where the staff are happy to supply the wood and light the fire for you.


The whole purpose of glamping is to reconnect with nature and each other. As mentioned before the tents do not have any power access, so unless you bring a back up USB power bank to charge your gear, you will be charging everything inside the communal kitchen, there are plenty of power points provided so you can charge whatever you bring, just remember that you are sharing the space with other guests. Mobile service is very poor and at times non existent at The Cove and although free WIFI is provided it's not the greatest either. If you are bringing children that love to spend time on the iPad to play games and watch movies that rely on WIFI or internet service they may be left disappointed. Apart from this, The Cove is still very child friendly with plenty of lawn games that they can play which is provided in boxes near the fire pit and large enough space to kick a ball around.


4 toilets, 2 showers and 1 bath is provided for glamping guests only and again is shared. I have to say though, for camping styled, communal bathrooms, these are amazing! The toilet space is huge with a vanity inside and mirror to wash your hands, brush your teeth and do your hair and make up in privacy. The showers are also very spacious and with the huge shower head provided, it's almost like being underneath a waterfall, and the bath, oh my goodness the bath! The bath is huge and what a perfect way to sit back, relax and close your eyes as you listen to the sound of birds and the wind rustling through the leaves! This was a highlight of my stay and I highly recommend everyone to have at least one bath during their stay!


If you love kangaroos, then you will most certainly absolutely love The Cove! These are wild kangaroos but many are comfortable around people so they will be happy to stick around for photo opportunities. Some of the kangaroos can be a bit too friendly and comfortable and will quite literally go up to your table and try to snatch the food, sometimes even straight out of your hand, so it is encouraged that you don't feed the kangaroos. The kangaroos are most active first thing in the morning or late afternoon as the sun is setting.

Another animal to watch out for is kookaburras, these birds are no strangers to stealing food from unsuspecting guests and just like the kangaroos, they will fly down straight to your table and pinch whatever they can get if you're not watching. Some kookaburras have been known to even steal sausages straight off the BBQ!

Around The Cove:

It's well worth having a wander around The Cove, there are so many beautiful spaces to see. Check out the lawn area where you can hang with kangaroos, socialise with friends and family or play a huge sized chess board as well as other lawn games, plant lovers will love the outdoor communal space where there is a couple of BBQs as well as a wood fire pizza oven which is available for all guests to use and sit yourself amongst all the beautiful plants. Just on the other side of The Cove is a channel of water where you can swim in and soak up some vitamin D, during low tide you can even go for a walk out to the sand banks!

I stayed 2 nights at The Cove and it was perfect in every way, a little touch of both coastal vibes and nature was just what I needed. This place is so beautiful and I highly recommend it to everyone! Solo travellers, couples, families, there is something here for everyone to enjoy! Choose from glamping, cabins or even The Fun House, a huge 7 bedroom accommodation that can sleep up to 23 people, perfect for hosting family gatherings, birthdays or hen's parties!

The Cove Jervis Bay:

Website - https://www.thecovejervisbay.com.au/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheCoveofJervisBay/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thecovejervisbay