Humpback whales aren't the only species of marine life you'll find here in Moorea. There are sharks and rays who want to play too!

These shallow waters are a very popular feeding ground for these wild stingrays and black tip reef sharks. The locals come to this location on a daily basis to feed them and interact with them and is a well known spot for guides to bring their visitors. As a result if you come here at peak feeding time you will be surrounded by many other people who are part of a big tour group and with everyone kicking up the sand the water visibility won't be as great, so if you can try and convince your guide to come at another time where there won't be as many people so you can have a better interaction with the sharks and rays.

If you're afraid of sharks and rays this would be the most perfect opportunity to overcome your fears! These animals have human interaction daily and associate humans as a positive experience because they are being supplied food. The locals give you a quick brief on how to safely interact in their environment including no splashing around and watching where you step, they also understand these animals personalities and behaviours very well.

Your guide will have plenty of food on hand to ensure you receive the most incredible close up encounters. The black tip reef sharks will only go near you, but the stingrays will go all over you! These rays don't have any awareness of personal space and will quite literally swim up your body but of course this offers the perfect opportunity for photos, to feel their body's texture and take in all their features. One thing I discovered with my encounter is that when the sting ray's gills are above the water's surface, they make these noises which sound very similar to pigs oinking! These rays are very friendly and will not do anything to harm you, unless of course you step on their body or tail so be very mindful of where you are stepping when they are swimming in the water.

On top of swimming with whales, getting the opportunity for an up close encounter with the sharks and rays was definitely a highlight of my stay and I loved every precious moment being with them and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone! It's family friendly, you're in shallow water where you can easily stand and the encounters you get will give you memories for a lifetime!