Waking up this morning and looking out my window, the clouds were grey and the rain was pouring. My body was screaming at me to stay in bed where it was all warm and snugly but my soul had other ideas, it was ready for an adventure! Port Stephens 4WD Tours operate rain, hail and shine so there was no excuse not to go, i'm so glad I did too because the morning turned out beautiful!

Heading towards Port Stephens there was the odd patch of rain along the way, some falls were heavy while others were light, I did see spots of blue trying to show through the clouds so I was hopeful. Parking my car at the meeting point in the lower car park of Birubi Beach in Anna Bay, I made my way over to where the big red vehicles were waiting and after being warmly greeted by the team I was off to the dunes!

The ride is smooth and only lasts a couple of minutes, arriving at the dunes I was in complete awe at how huge they were and I was so keen to start exploring! Climbing to the top of the dunes is no easy feat, they are very steep but the rewarding views up at the top make it worth every step. The dark, textured clouds looked incredible against the smooth, light sand!

What I really love about Port Stephens 4WD Tours is that you can stay as long as you like and have unlimited rides down the dunes! Their vehicles rotate every 10 minutes so you can leave when best suits you and when the vehicle returns a whole new group of people are ready to take on the dunes.

Although I was hoping for a sunny day, I was so glad it was overcast because like I said before, these dunes are HUGE! Walking up them certainly leaves you breathless but trust me, it really is worth it! Some of the visitors were going back and forth non stop like machines! Seeing their smiles and hearing their laughs as they made their way down just goes to show how good it is!

I have to say I was very inspired and motivated to give the dunes a go for myself and so I did. Reaching the top, after what felt like forever, the butterflies in my tummy started to appear. I was full of nervous excitement but once I sat on the board and started sliding you couldn't wipe the smile off my face, it was so fun that I went straight back up for another go!

Rain, hail or shine this is definitely an adventure I would highly recommend. You have so much freedom to do as you wish and it's a great way to exercise in a fun way. The dunes themselves are simply incredible and forever moving so each and every visit will be a different one!

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