Skydiving. The word alone was enough to make my heart race and feel sick in the stomach. The thought of jumping out of a plane, like really, who does that for fun? When the opportunity to do just that with Experience Co and Skydive Australia came across I could understand why, it is the best thing you will ever do and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!!

I was booked in to skydive earlier in the week but due to poor weather conditions it was postponed until the weekend, i'm not going to lie I did feel relieved knowing that I had a few more days to mentally prepare myself. The day before the jump I was a nervous wreck, I physically felt sick in the stomach and thought to myself could I really go ahead with this? There was only one way to find out.

Skydive Australia has locations across most of the Australian coastal regions but to jump over my home town of Newcastle and get to see it from this perspective was something I was really excited about, who needs a drone when you can skydive right?!

Arriving at Lake Macquarie Aerodrome, I pulled into the carpark and watched the first lot of people take off in this tiny aircraft. Watching it soar to 15,000ft and then seeing these tiny black dots of people floating across the sky made it all seem real, in just a matter of minutes that was going to be me up there!

Checking myself in, getting suited up and waiting for the plane to land I felt strangely calm. Those stomach churning nerves I felt the day before had completely disappeared, I guess at that point a part of me knew that everything would be okay and that I would have an absolute blast, but it's still not too late to turn back right?

We met our instructors who showed us the correct positioning for exiting the plane, during your free fall and when you come into land. If you purchase the photo and video package (which I highly recommend!!) they will also give you a quick interview on their GoPro before boarding the plane as well as your whole experience from there.

The second I opened my eyes I was lost for words, it may look like i'm screaming in these photos but I was actually speechless! It was at this moment that I realised why people do this for fun, it is the most unreal, exhilarating and dead set best thing you will ever do in your life! You feel amazing, on top of the world and the sense of achievement makes you feel so proud of yourself and the views from up here are pretty spectacular too!! You free fall for about 60 seconds and parachute for 6-7 minutes, which in my opinion went way too quick!

If there's one thing that I took out of this experience, it is to never say never! Skydiving was never on my list of things I wanted to do in life but since taking the plunge (quite literally!) I can't wait to do it all again! I have proven to myself that I had this courage in me that I never knew I had and I can guarantee that you do too!

Skydive Australia actually undertook an experiment called Elevate Your Courage asking ten women what they were afraid of in life and to help these women conquer their fears, Skydive Australia invited them jump out of a plane, how awesome is that?! This really inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and overcome my fear head on.

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