Sitting at home one day scrolling through Instagram, I noticed a fellow follower had uploaded a post about this incredible adventure where you got to experience swimming with whales in the beautiful French Polynesian waters of Mo'orea with WhaleSwim Adventures! Curiosity and excitement got the better of me and I instantly messaged the guy who made the post, keen to know more details. A few messages were sent back and forth and before I knew it, I booked myself a spot!

Now, as spontaneous as it was, I did take into consideration my financial and work situation. I did have money saved up for a rainy day, so I thought why not on this once in a life time experience! I was also working part time as a waitress at the time, but I wasn't too concerned about the possibility of losing my job because I thought, at the end of the day, there's always more work going around however, my biggest hurdle was yet to come; my mum!

I've always been mum's little girl and I have to admit, I had to work up a lot of courage to make that phone call to her and tell her that I just booked myself this trip. Of course the questions I was expecting came flooding through, "Who are you going with?", "Do you know these people?", "How long for?" (you get the idea).

I didn't know anybody who was going to be there, only the Photography Guide, Michael Smith who, at the time, I only knew through Instagram, but with only a maximum group size of 8 people I felt pretty safe and confident that everything would be fine. Mum eventually got on board with the idea and was very supportive and agreed that this would indeed be a wonderful opportunity to experience (on ya mum!).

Once I stepped foot on the plane the reality finally set in that I was off on an adventure that I would never forget! Conveniently Michael was on the same flight so we met up with a couple of others and started our journey as a small group. Touching down in Tahiti at midnight we were welcomed with a beautiful performance of dance and song at the arrivals (yes, at midnight!). We spent the night in a home stay to get well rested for our first day of the tour, I was pretty exhausted after the flight so I didn't hesitate to go straight to bed.

The following morning we woke bright and early and were welcomed to breakfast that the owner of the home brought in for us. We tucked into some toast, cereal and freshly cut fruit and I sat on the balcony and took in a deep breath of the new environment i'm yet to discover. A neighbourhood cat joined us on the balcony, and me being an animal lover, I couldn't resist taking a photo and giving it some cuddles!

Our home stay was beautiful, it really felt like I was at home! It was open spaced yet cosy, the balcony offered views of the neighbourhood and the ocean on the horizon and I absolutely loved the colourful mural in the living room! After saying goodbye we made our way down to the ferry terminal and awaited our ferry that would take us over to the beautiful Moorea. Once we reached the shores of Moorea you could not wipe the smile from my face, this place is absolute paradise!