With many kilometres of coast and sand dunes as far as the eye can see and beyond, this place is every landscape lover's dream! With the sound of the waves kissing the shore echoing through the Southern Hemisphere's longest moving sand dunes, I am so incredibly lucky to have this place only an hour's drive from my home in Newcastle. Welcome to Birubi Beach!

Birubi Beach is part of the Worimi Conservation Lands Stockton Bight sand dunes which covers 4200 hectares of stunning sandscape, forest and beach. Some of these dunes can reach heights of 40 metres and are steeply sloped. This beautiful display of nature is forever changing, so each and every visit will be a unique experience and a whole new adventure!

So, how does one see as much of this vast landscape as they can if they are short on time? Camels of course!

The crew at Oakfield Ranch and their camels offer 20 minute rides most days of the week but because my friend flew all the way down from Brisbane to catch up over the long weekend, I decided to make the experience more memorable and booked us in for the one hour sunset ride.

These camels are gorgeous and all have their own unique personalities and names. I was paired with a lovely camel named Golly and my friend Pippa got the adorable Henry. While it may not look it in the photos, it's crazy to believe how high up you are when the camels rise and stand!

We start off by making our way towards the sand dunes. As mentioned before, these dunes are forever moving and changing shape and size and to see them with your own eyes is like looking at a painting. The sand is so soft and silky and it feels like you're in the middle of an Egyptian desert! While you are welcome to take along your own camera and phone to take photos on top of your camel, the crew are also more than happy to take some photos of your experience.

There is so much beauty to absorb while on this ride, so be sure to put the camera down for a little bit so the landscape and experience has your full attention. While photos are great to look back on, they simply don't do this place justice!

The sunset camel ride is a must do for anyone looking for an exotic experience! Just like any activity that involves being in the outdoors, it all depends on the weather conditions if it goes ahead or not. Last time Pippa was down here, we were booked in but the weather turned for the worse and we had to cancel, it was such an agonising wait until she returned this time around as I just couldn't do this experience without her.

Although there's plenty of opportunities for the 20 minute rides throughout the day, I highly recommend the one hour sunset ride. You have more time to appreciate your surroundings and the sunset glow dancing through the dunes and shimmering off the surface of the ocean is breathtaking!

Website: https://www.oakfieldranch.com.au/