There is so much hype these days about what products are the best for your skin and in my opinion you can't go pass the most purest and natural treatment, hot steam to really open your pores and mud to cleanse your skin!

About a 10 minute drive from the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, you have the opportunity to soak yourself in the natural Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Bath or just sightsee and take photos. Mum and I decided to sightsee as we were quite sunburnt and with the hot springs reaching temperatures of about 70 - 80 degrees celcius, we thought it was best not to inflict further pain to ourselves!

The mud can possibly stain clothing so it's best to wear old or cheap swimwear at the baths. There are four pools that you go through for the cleansing process. You start off by rubbing mud all over your body at pool 1, then dipping yourself into the pool at stage 2 to wash off, from pool 2 the water is quite warm and increases in temperature as you move along to the next pools.

Souvenirs including jewellery, home wares, photo frames, key rings, bags and toys are available to purchase as well as massage treatments. If my skin wasn't so sensitive due to my sunburn I would have loved to indulge in this mud treatment and if I find myself in Fiji again, I will definitely be putting this on my list! Open: 7 days a week from 9am - 5pm